CCIB PhD Student Sebastian Harris awarded PAS Graduate Research Grant

CCIB PhD Student Sebastian Harris (Savage Lab) received a Pennsylavania Academy of Science (PAS) Graduate Research Grant for his project “Exploring the Relationship Between Allegheny Mound Ant Colonies and Neighboring Reptile and Amphibian Species Richness“. Harris is one of the 29 students from fourteen different Pennsylvania colleges and universities who were awarded the grants. Congratulations!

Associate Professor Jinglin Fu receives Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers

CCIB Faculty Member Dr. Jinglin Fu (Chemistry) was selected as a recipient of the Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers(ECASE-Army) by the Army Research Office (ARO). This award provides a five years’ funding, a total of $1 million, to support his research of “Develop Synthetic Compartments for Enhanced and Regulated Biochemical Reactions”. Congratulations!

Associate Professor Nawaf Bou-Rabee awarded NSF Grant

CCIB Faculty Member Dr. Nawaf Bou-Rabee (Mathematics) is the principal investigator on a three-year, $143,976 grant from the National Science Foundation DMS for “Stochastic Partial Differential Equations and Their Numerical Solution“. Congratulations!

Associate Professor Catherine Grgicak awarded NIJ grant

CCIB Faculty Member Dr. Catherine Grgicak (Associate Professor, Chemistry & Henry Rutgers Chair) received a $546, 727 grant from the U.S. Department of Justice’s National Institute of Justice for her forensic science research “Resolving the Forensic DNA Mixture Problem through the Development of End-to-End Single-Cell Pipelines” that could support law enforcement investigations. Congratulations!