The Graduate Program in Computational and Integrative Biology offers Master’s and Doctoral degrees.

Students completing the Master’s program are expected to have the quantitative skills and comprehensive knowledge of systems biology to engage in meaningful research in computational and integrative biology. To prepare for success in this new interdisciplinary area, students are expected to have a thorough understanding of key concepts in biological chemistry, biomathematics, computer science, and integrative biology. These areas of knowledge are encompassed by Essentials Courses (see below). Furthermore, all students are required to have the capability of applying quantitative approaches to biological research, to be able to critically analyze the scientific literature in computational and integrative biology, and to skillfully communicate scientific ideas and research results, both orally and in writing.

In addition to the expectations for the Master’s degree, Doctoral students will be required to demonstrate the capability to make a significant original research contribution to the area and to present and defend this contribution in an oral defense.


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Program Requirements

Are you a current or prospective student looking for the program requirements? Please check Chapter 1 of the Graduate Program handbook.