The list is divided into experimental and computational labs. “Experimental” labs may also use some computational techniques, while “computational” labs are those that are purely computational and do not directly collect any experimental data.  Many of these labs collaborate with each other, so students may learn techniques in one lab and apply them to the research questions in a different lab. 

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Experimental Labs

Bioinspired Self-Assembly, Fu Lab

Evolutionary Genomics, Geneva Lab

Ecology, González Lab

Forensic Technology, Grgicak Lab

Laser Macromolecule Interactions Lab

Bacterial Cell Biology, Klein Lab

Circadian Rhythms, Lee Lab

Biomaterials & Eco-Design, Salas de la Cruz lab

Applied Ecology, Savage Lab

Mitochondrial Cell Biology, Solesio Lab

Stoma Cell Biology, Qi Lab

Tissue Development, Yakoby Lab

Computational Labs


Machine learning, Bioinformatics, and Computational Biology Lab

Computational Genomics, Grigoriev Lab

Machine Learning, Lamoureux Lab

Metabolism, Piccoli Lab