The faculty below are Dissertation Advisor (DA) Members of the Graduate Program in Computational and Integrative Biology (translation: they run experimental or computational labs that are generally open to CCIB graduate students). In practice, all faculty on this list are also tightly integrated into research at the center. 

These faculty can advise CCIB PhD or MS students, although in any given year the lab may or may not be accepting students. While PhD students are restricted to these labs, if you are an MS student, you may work with any of the CCIB full members who are willing. If they are not on the list below and you wanted to continue in their lab for a PhD, they would need to apply to the graduate program director to get on this list.

Experimental Labs

Visit Dr. Fu’s lab

Visit Dr.Gonzalez’s lab

Forensic Technology lab image

Visit Dr. Grgicak’s lab, LFTDI

Laser Macromolecule Interactions

Visit Dr. Griepenburg’s lab

Klein Lab

Visit Dr. Klein’s lab

Visit Dr. Lee’s lab

Salas de la Cruz lab

Visit Dr. Salas’ lab

Solesio Lab

Visit Dr. Solesio’s lab

Visit Dr. Qi’s google scholar page

Visit Dr. Yakoby’s lab


Visit Dr. Geneva’s google scholar page

Savage Lab

Visit Dr. Savage’s lab


Computational Labs


Visit Dr. Brannigan’s lab

Grigoriev Lab

Visit Dr. Grigoriev’s lab

Visit Dr. Piccoli’s lab

Visit Dr. Zhu’s lab

Visit Dr. Lamoureux’s lab