The CCIB seminar series offers interesting presentations related to research in computational and integrative biology. The presentations reflect the types of collaborative research being done at the center and provide an opportunity to come together as a community for informal discussions and conversation.

Unless noted, all seminars take place weekly, on Tuesdays, during the free period (12:45-1:45 pm) in the Joint Health Science Center, Seminar Room.

Fall 2021 Seminars


12 – Dr. Mark Alber, Director of the Interdisciplinary Center for Quantitative Modeling in Biology, University of California – Riverside (Host: Klein)

19 – Dr. Andrew Dobson, Professor, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, Princeton University (Host: Gonzalez)

26 – CCIB Student Seminar, Vedangi Hambardikar and Josh Chamberlain


2 – Dr. Henry John-Adler, Professor, Department of Ecology, Evolution and Natural Resources, School of Environmental & Biological Sciences, Rutgers-New Brunswick (Host: Savage)

9 – CCIB Student Seminar. Ezry St.Iago-McRae and Connor Pitman

16 – CCIB Student Seminar, Siddharth Bhadra-Lobo and Jamie Clapp

23 – CCIB Faculty Spotlight: Dr. Lisa Payne, Assistant Professor and New CCIB Member, Department of Psychology, Rutgers-Camden

30 – CCIB Student Seminar, Tess Konnovitch and Truman Dunkley


7 – Dr. Daniel Kraut, Associate Professor of Chemistry & Graduate Program Director, Villanova University (Host: Klein)


Past Seminars

See a list of past CCIB seminars.


CCIB Seminar Evaluation Form

If you are a registered student for CCIB Seminar, you will need to complete a seminar evaluation form at the conclusion of each seminar.   Seminar Evaluation must submitted by Wednesday following seminar at 4 pm. Failing to complete the feedback by the deadline will be registered as “No Attendance” in class. The seminar evaluation form can be found here: CCIB SEMINAR EVALUATION FORM.