Congratulations to Dr. Geneva for being awarded an NSF grant to continue his work in the study of atadenovirus evolution and the evolution of their reptile hosts. Atadenoviruses are within the adenovirus family, it is widely believed that the viruses within this family co-evolve with their reptile hosts, however the atadenovirus genus do not follow this trend due to this virus infecting many different hosts. This award will allow the Geneva Lab to better understand how many different hosts the atadenovirus infect, to infer the phylogeny of these viruses, and to evaluate the phylogeny of atadenovirus hosts for signs of molecular natural selection. If you would like to read more about the grant and the proposed project, check out this link: NSF Award Search: Award # 2217717 – BRC-BIO: Evolutionary Genomics of Atadenoviruses 

Anthony Geneva