CCIB was recently awarded a National Research Traineeship from the National Science Foundation! This $2 million grant will fund Codes For Life, a new computational graduate track within CCIB. Students in Codes For Life will conduct research at the interface of computational genomics and structural biology, and be trained in sustainable software design and artificial intelligence. 

The grant is not just good news for computational students! All CCIB graduate students will have access to new activities like nano-courses, feedback workshops focused on particular elements of scientific communication, outreach activities, and peer mentoring circles.

Interested students should attend the information session during orientation! 

Ten faculty comprise the Codes For Life team, led by CCIB Director Dr. Grace Brannigan.  In addition to Brannigan, Dr. Anthony Geneva, Dr. Iman Dehzangi, Dr. Andrey Grigoriev, and Dr. Guillaume Lamoureux, all CCIB members, serve as co-PIs and the Core Management Team. Three more CCIB members (Dr. Sunil Shende, Dr. Suneeta Ramaswami, and Dr. Benedetto Piccoli) and Office of Advanced Research Computing personnel (Dr. Galen Collier) will also contribute to technical and foundational training. Educational evaluation data will be collected by the Senator Walter Rand Institute for Public Affairs and interpreted and published by CCIB Member Dr. Sarah Allred and Dr. Jeannie Garmon (Office of Research). 

Read more about this exciting achievement here! Congratulations to the entire CCIB community, especially those involved in obtaining this award!