Congratulations to CCIB members for being awarded the Catalyst and Multidisciplinary Provost Grants! 

Catalyst Grants Program:

PI: Dr. Xingyun Qi (assistant professor, FASC-biology)
Title: Identification of Salinity-Response Genes in Stomatal Development

Multidisciplinary Grants Program:

PI: Dr. Maria Solesio (assistant professor, FASC-biology)
Co-PIs: Dr. Andrey Grigoriev (professor, FASC-biology) and Dr. Sunil Shende (associate professor, FASC-computer science)
Title: Role of Transfer RNA-derived Fragments in Alzheimer’s Disease

PI: Dr. Brigitte Cypress (associate professor, SNC)
Co-PI: Dr. Sarah Allred (associate professor, FASC-psychology)
Title: Family Presence on Patient Care Rounds in ICU