CCIB Director Dr. Nir Yakoby (Biology) received the Busch Biomedical Grant for the project “Role of tRNA-derived fragments (tRFs) in patterning epithelial cells”. This is a collaboration with CCIB faculty Dr. Andrey Grigoriev‘s lab. 

CCIB Graduate Program Director Dr. Grace Brannigan, former CCIB Postdoc Dr. Reza Salari, and CCIB PhD student Ruchi Lohia published a paper in Journal of Chemical Theory and Computation.

CCIB faculty member Angélica González (Biology) published multiple papers in Ecology and Evolution and Functional Ecology (2). One of the papers published on the Functional Ecology was featured by the editor and also chosen for the journal cover. CCIB former postdoc Dr. Olivier Dézerald from the González group was a co-author in two of these articles.

Dr. González was awarded a two-year NSF Grant for the project “The Effects of N and P deposition on stoichiometry, structure, and function of whole-aquatic ecosystems (Bromeliaceae and Sarraceniaceae)“. 

CCIB faculty member Dr. Catherine Grgicak (Chemistry) received a grant from NIJ for the project “Resolving the Forensic DNA Mixture Problem through the Development of End-to-End Single-Cell Pipelines” that could benefit law enforcement investigations. 

CCIB faculty members Dr. Grgicak collaborated and Dr. Desmond Lun (Computer Science) published two papers on PloS one and Legal Medicine, respectively.

Dr. Lun contributed to a book chapter in Synthetic Biology of Cyanobacteria.

CCIB faculty member Dr. Hao Zhu (Chemistry) was awarded a NIH grant for the project “Mechanistic Evaluation of Chemicals that Induce Oral Acute Toxicity by Novel Read-across Approaches using Public Big Data“. PhD Student Dan Russo, from Zhu’s group, won the 3rd annual Tox21 Student Award at 7th annual ASCCT meeting. 

CCIB faculty member Dr. Nawaf Bou-Rabee (Mathematics) was awarded a NSF Grant for the project “Stochastic Partial Differential Equations and Their Numerical Solution“.

CCIB faculty member Dr. Jingling Fu (Chemistry), including CCIB PhD student Sun Won Oh, published on journal Angewandte Chemie. Fu was co-author for manuscripts published on the journals including Biotechnology and Applied BiochemistryChemBioChem and ACS applied materials & interfaces.

Dr. Fu patented an invention US20180016569A1.

CCIB faculty member Dr. Benedetto Piccoli, including CCIB PhD students Nathaniel Merrill (first author) and Zheming An and Sean McQuade, published a paper on “Stability of Metabolic Networks via Linear-In-Flux-Expressions” in Networks & Heterogeneous Media.

See Publication page for the full number of publications by Dr. Piccoli in various of journals and international conferences in 2018!

CCIB faculty members Dr. Sean O’Malley and Dr. Julianne Griepenburg, both from the Department of Physics, published two collaborative abstract papers in the American Chemical Society 255, see Nanoparticle mediated release of polymersomes under single pulsed femto second irradiation and Temporal control of encapsulant release from polymersomes upon single pulse irradiation.

CCIB faculty member Dr. Jongmin Nam (Biology) and CCIB PhD student Catherine Guay published a paper on Unbiased genome-scale identification of cis-regulatory modules in the human genome by GRAMc available in bioRxiv.

CCIB faculty member Dr. Guillaume Lamoureux (Chemistry) published papers in multiple journals including Biophysical journal and the Journal of Physical Chemistry B. Dr. Lamoureux has two manuscripts available in arXiv.