Phd Students Wenyi Wang, Linlin Zhao, and Dan Russo, their PI Dr Hao Zhu (Chemistry), and coauthors published  “Predicting Nano-bio Interactions by Integrating Nanoparticle Libraries and Quantitative Nanostructure Activity Relationship Modeling” in ACS Nano.

Wenyi was also a Tox21 Student Award winner for the 6th annual meeting of the American Society for Cellular and Computational Toxicology. Congratulations Wenyi! 

Grad Program Director Dr Grace Brannigan (Physics) published a book chapter in “Current Topics in Membranes”:  Direct Interactions of Cholesterol With Pentameric Ligand-Gated Ion Channels: Testable Hypotheses From Computational Predictions

CCIB PI Dr Kwangwon Lee (Biology) and a co-author published a book chapter: “Chapter One – Natural variation of the circadian clock in Neurospora”  in Advances in Genetics.  

The Lee lab, including CCIB PhD Student Josh Waters, also published in Journal of Industrial Microbiology & Biotechnology. Dr. Lee collaborated with members of CCIB PI Dr. Benedetto Piccoli’s lab (Mathematics), including CCIB PhD Student Sean McQuade and CCIB MS Student Zheming An, and published in Journal of Biological Rhythyms. 

CCIB PI Dr Catherine Grgicak’s (Chemistry) group published a paper describing ReSOLVIt in FSI:Genetics

CCIB PI Dr. Jinglin Fu (Chemistry) and coauthors, including PhD Student Sung Oh, published papers in Chem Bio Chem, Chemical Communications, and BioTechnology and Applied Biochemistry

CCIB PI Dr Andrey Grigoriev’s (Biology) lab, including CCIB PhD Students Spyros Karaiskos and Joe Kawash, and CCIB Postdoc Sean Smith, published papers in GigaScience and DNA Research

CCIB PIs Dr. Joseph Martin (Biology), Dr. Sean O’ Malley (Physics), and Dr. Dawei Hong (Computer Science) and CCIB PhD student Steve Moffett collaborated for an article in Scientific Reports on “Dynamics of high frequency brain activity.”

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