The Center for Computational and Integrative Biology at Rutgers-Camden would like to acknowledge two students for their award of the 2016 CCIB Best Student Paper.

Spyros Karaiskos, under the tutelage of Dr. Andrey Grigoriev, took home the top honors for his paper titled: “Age-driven modulation of tRNA-derived fragments in Drosophila and their potential targets”. His paper was published on the Biology Direct website in 2015.  

Wenyi Wang, of Dr. Hao Zhu’s lab, earned second prize this year for her paper; “Developing enhanced Blood-Brain Barrier permeability models: integrating external bio-assay data in QSAR modeling” which was published on Pharmaceutical Research (IF 3.42) on April 2015. Pharmaceutical Research is the
official journal of the American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists (AAPS), which is of the top
journals in her area of study. 

Best paper Award Spyros_2016_1    

Dr. Desmond Lun, CCIB Director, Spyros Karaiskos and Dr. Nir Yakoby, CCIB Program Director.

Best paper Award Wenyi_2016_1
Dr. Desmond Lun, CCIB Director, Wenyi Wang and Dr. Nir Yakoby, CCIB Program Director.